Aging Skin

When it comes to premature aging, sun exposure is a top contributor to the loss of elasticity, discolorations, fine lines, wrinkles, dry, and thinning outer layers of our skin. You can get a jump-start on anti-aging and correct the signs of premature aging by first adding Retinol based products to your at-home skin care regime.

Antioxidants are another favorite in helping to plump the skin and diminish fine facial lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. If your main concerns are deeper wrinkles, stubborn age spots, and sagging skin, it may be time to have your skin evaluated by a professional skin care expert so that you know what additional options you have for improving damaged skin, stimulating collagen growth, and attaining a youthful appearance.

Photo-aging damage accumulates over a period of years and leads to spider veins, freckles, brown spots, rough leathery textured skin, blotchiness, and wrinkles. This type of damage can also lead to skin cancer. Wearing a high-quality sunscreen of SPF 30-50 is a lifetime habit that will definitely benefit your skin. The next solution to preventing premature aging is proper nutrition.

We believe in a “healthy body, healthy skin” approach to anti-aging and what we consume can significantly affect the health of our skin. Skin regenerates itself.  Old cells die and new cells take their place. Our natural oils keep the skin conditioned but we need to consistently provide fuel for our skin. Good health, antioxidants, exercise, proper hydration, and a highly skilled skin care professional at your fingertips will keep you looking your best for life.

Below are just a few anti-aging treatment options available at Skin Care By Design in Tucson, Arizona.

Treatment Options