Maintain Your Results

When you commit to improving the health of your skin, you embark on a rewarding routine that requires long-term care and consistency. Too often, those of us who seek out non-surgical cosmetic services and other skin rejuvenation treatments in Tucson feel that this one-time investment should be the final fix for the overall appearance, condition, and youthful firmness of our skin. That is rarely, if ever, the case. Healthy maintenance practices such as exercise and a healthy diet must be repeated.  Your skin deserves the same continued attention to achieve a youthful, healthy vitality. Choosing to get started with the latest in anti-aging, non-surgical treatments is the first step in the right direction.

What does that mean, exactly? At Skin Care By Design, we will educate you about the best ways to maintain the results of your skin care procedures. Developing a plan that includes skin care treatments, medical grade products, or both will allow you to maintain your results and continually improve the health of your skin.  A blend of popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, micropeels, spa facials, and microdermabrasion are a gentle, yet affordable way to impact the overall anti-aging approach to your complexion.

To further optimize your results, you may choose a fusion skin therapy, or a medical facial treatments such as Dermafrac® or the Eclipse Micropen®. Perhaps you wish to learn more from a consultation on dermal fillers or Botox®. Find out what Juvederm®, Voluma XC®, Radiesse®, and Belatero Balance® will do to increase the lost volume in your face and hands to quickly turn back time. The good news is that you have many affordable options! Below are just a few paths to a great start for continued care.  Let our registered nurses, or aesthetician recommend a maintenance regime that will keep you on track to preserving your healthy, youthful appearance.

Treatment Options